Le Foulard Gloriette -


Le Foulard Gloriette


⏳ In pre-order, delivery at the end of March.

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- Designed by our designer in our workshop in Paris
- Printed and made in our workshop in Milan
- 100% satin polyester, Italian origin
- Height 48cm x Width 48cm

His little story

If he could tell you a story, he would tell you his...

Inspired by her travels in Italy, her walks in Paris, my designer gives birth to me. She associates her memories with the beauty of much admired architecture, which intertwines the beauty of floral and vegetal nature. She creates the Gloriette scarf.

These beauties together define so well the pretty gazebos that have let themselves be invaded by the sweet scent of the delicious climbing plants.

O pretty gazebos, conducive to rest, to poetry, often dedicated to the muses...

Are you cracking up? Note that Le Sac Apollon and Le Petit Apollon are always accompanied by their matching Gloriette scarf.



In France :
- small leather goods & scarves: €2.99 in a Parcel Point / €4.99 at home
- handbags: €4.99 in a Parcel Point / €8.99 at home

In Belgium and Luxembourg:
- small leather goods & scarves: €4.99 in a Parcel Point / €6.99 at home
- handbags: €6.99 in a Parcel Point / €9.99 at home

In Switzerland :
- small leather goods & scarves: €8.99 at home
- handbags: €18.99 at home


Returns are free for the countries in which we deliver.

You have a period of 14 days from receipt of your order to make your return. To do this, contact us at contact@basile.fr indicating your order number.

Satin is a very delicate fabric and requires special care when washing and drying. It is therefore advisable to wash your scarf by hand.

The ideal is to soak it in a basin of lukewarm water (never hot) with a little white vinegar and sugar or soap flakes or a little shampoo. Be careful not to rub it, but to gently press it into the water, no more than five minutes.

Rinsing is done with cold water. If the most important thing for satin is that it does not lose its shine, you should know that after-washing is just as important a step as washing itself. After blotting it between two towels, let it dry in the open air, flat on a towel. (Be careful not to twist it and do not wring it, it may deform).

It should be remembered that the satin is ironed when it is still damp. To keep its shine, pass a sponge soaked in vinegar water over the back of the scarf before ironing it.

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